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Composite Bonding

Does your smile have imperfections like chipped, stained, or worn down teeth? If you would like to enhance or restore the beauty of your smile, ask Dr. Wynatte Chu about composite bonding in New York, New York. During dental bonding, our dentist will place tooth-colored composite resin materials onto your teeth and harden them with a curing light. This bonds the material to your teeth and restores your smile. Anesthesia is rarely needed with bonding unless the material is being used to treat a cavity. Our dentist may recommend dental bonding to:

To bond your teeth, our dentist will first select a shade of composite resin that will closely match the color of your natural teeth. Our dentist will then roughen your teeth and apply a conditioning liquid, both of which help the bonding material adhere to your teeth. The bonding material is then applied, molded, and smoothed to the desired result. An ultraviolet light or a laser is used to cure the material. Our dentist will then trim, shape, and polish the material.

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