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Come Get Your Regular Oral Health Screenings and Dental Cleanings

While going to the dentist or scheduling appointments may not be a lot of fun, they are a necessary component in maintaining your oral health. Your twice yearly check-ups are not only important to clean your teeth, but also so your dentist can check for any health related issues.

Your oral health screening is an important component of your dental check-up. Certain health issues such as gum disease have no early warning signs, and this is why going to the dentist twice yearly is important so that your dentist Dr. Wynatte Chu can spot these issues early on. These screenings don’t just involve the mouth, but also the head, face, neck, and throat.

After your health evaluation, Dr. Wynatte Chu will begin to clean your teeth using specialized equipment to brush away any plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums. Once she has completed your cleaning, you’ll be advised of any necessary changes you should make to your oral care routines and also if Dr. Wynatte Chu noticed any problem areas that may require further treatment.

Many people who neglect their oral care find dental check-ups to be a powerful motivator when it comes to maintaining a regular brushing and flossing routine. This is why scheduling regular dental appointments is a good thing in helping those who struggle with oral prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Please be sure to schedule your regular check-ups every six months. Schedule your dental cleaning in New York, New York, by calling Wynatte Chu, DDS at 347-868-6546 today!

Dr. Chu

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