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Finding a Dental Floss for Daily Use

To avoid gum disease and dental caries, you will need to take steps every single day. Every time you eat or drink, your mouth may be filled with oral debris; particles are left behind, bacteria accumulate and sticky plaque collects on teeth and around the gum line. While brushing your teeth cleans the top and sides of teeth, it cannot clean in between teeth–an area prone to dental caries. Flossing takes care of this and also helps prevent gingivitis in the process.

Types of Dental Floss

–Floss picks are easy for people who have limited manual dexterity when it comes to holding floss properly, such as children, people with disability and older people with arthritis. Floss picks are also good for reaching into the back areas of the mouth where the molars sit. When it comes to cleaning thoroughly, floss picks are not as effective as string floss because they cannot form a U-curve around each tooth where the thread can slide up and down.

–Waxed floss has a Teflon coating which allows it to slide easily between teeth. This makes it useful for cleaning tightly spaced teeth. Waxed floss is available in mint or cinnamon flavors to make your breath feel fresh.

–Unwaxed floss absorbs food particles better than waxed floss. It also doesn’t catch on the rough edges of chipped teeth, making it less likely to fray. Unwaxed floss is thinner than waxed threads making it good at maneuvering between crowded teeth.

–Oral irrigators use a pulsating stream of water to flush plaque along with food particle debris, allowing them to effectively combat gingivitis. Aiming the water stream at the gum line gently flushes particles, making it twice as effective as dental floss at keeping bleeding gums at bay.

Choose a method that works best for YOU and use it diligently for a lifetime of healthy smiles. If you have any questions about flossing or would like to see Dr. Wynatte Chu, give our team a call at our location nearest you today!

Dr. Chu

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