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Fluoride Exposure Improves the Mineral Density of Tooth Enamel

Your teeth are complex biological mineral structures composed of many layers. Tooth enamel is the outermost layer. It is intended to be strong enough to chew and grind food and protect the sensitive internal structures of the tooth. Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene habits and regularly consuming acidic beverages can weaken the integrity of tooth enamel, leaving the entire tooth vulnerable to serious complications.

If it is not counteracted in some way, it can allow microscopic channels to develop in your tooth enamel. When this happens, it can expose the sensitive dentin layer of your teeth, which can lead to sensitivity issues when you eat hot, cold, sweet, or acidic things.

If your dentist, Dr. Wynatte Chu, suspects that your tooth sensitivity is linked to complications related to enamel erosion, she might recommend receiving a fluoride treatment. The concentrated fluoride can help restore the mineral density of your tooth enamel, thus sealing the microscopic channels. This also helps prevent tooth decay.

Dr. Wynatte Chu administers the treatment by pouring a small amount of concentrated fluoride gel into a tray that is held in your mouth for a few minutes. Afterward, you should avoid eating or drinking for up to one hour to allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate deep into your tooth enamel.

If you suspect that your tooth sensitivity is related to enamel erosion, you should call 347-868-6546 to schedule an appointment at Wynatte Chu, DDS regarding fluoride in New York, New York.

Dr. Chu

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