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What to Eat When Your Mouth Is Healing

If your mouth is sore from new braces or recovering from oral surgery and your mouth is tender and sore, you will want to take extra care with the foods you eat while your mouth is healing. There are foods and drinks that will help your recovery process, and those that can harm a sore mouth. We are here to offer you some ideas to speed your recovery!

If you are fortunate enough to have a food processor or blender in your kitchen, this can help you prepare foods you might not otherwise be able to eat right now. For instance, protein helps tissue healing, but chewing meat when your mouth is sore is painful and difficult. If you can puree or process your meat into smaller pieces, you can eat them without hurting yourself.

Another way to make sure you are not stressing your mouth is by taking smaller portions at a time. You can try using a small spoon to limit how much goes into each bite. Texture is important in keeping your mouth from hurting when you eat, so take the time to cook your food until it is soft and tender to eat. If it is dry, you can add butter, sauce, or gravy to make it moist and easier to eat.

Soft Foods to Eat:
–Macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and pasta dishes
–Pureed meats and pureed vegetables, or vegetables that have been sautéed like kale or spinach
–Applesauce, bananas, persimmons, or mangos (pureed)
–Puddings like hearty rice pudding
–Scrambled eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese
–Oatmeal, grits, and cream of wheat
–Milkshakes and smoothies, including those with protein added or even green smoothies

Foods to Avoid:
–Crunchy raw vegetables like celery and carrots
–Rough, dry foods like granola, or toast and crackers
–Spicy or salty foods
–Tomatoes or tomato juice or other acidic food like oranges, and grapefruits

It is important to stay hydrated as you recover. Help to prevent tooth decay by keeping your saliva stimulated with plenty of hydrating H2O. Saliva neutralizes bacterial acids in the mouth as well as washing away food particles. You can sip it all day without worrying about whether or not it is harming your teeth, like sweetened beverages. And if your mouth is sore, you can try rinsing often with warm water.

At the dental office of Wynatte Chu, DDS we wish you a speedy recovery and are here to help. If you have any questions give us a call at 347-868-6546 today!

Dr. Chu

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